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New Starters here at Second Chapter!

By Heather McKinlay

We are all very excited to announce some major news here at Second Chapter HQ, as our business is expanding so too is our team! We are delighted to welcome Niamh and Laura on board and thought it would be great to allow them to introduce themselves...

Niamh Secord

"Hi, I'm Niamh - originally from London, I moved to Sheffield 8 months ago and have fallen head over heels for the city!

I am a full time English Literature student and have joined Second Chapter as an HR Business Administrator with 6 years previous experience in Learning and Development.

I am people-oriented and I have a passion for helping others in any way I can. That's why I love working in HR and I am excited to be starting a new journey with Second Chapter.

I'm looking forward to learning more about the wider HR function and working with a variety of clients."

Laura Davies

"Hi, my name is Laura! I’m currently studying sociology at Loughborough University. I will be working as an HR Assistant in order to gain an invaluable insight into the industry.

My degree and wider interests have always been centred around people, so starting my career in a people focussed industry seemed like the right choice.

I am looking forward to working with a variety of different clients and learning how I can adapt my skills to suit their needs.

One of the aspects of this experience I am most excited about is the chance to diversify my knowledge and begin working with employment contracts. I look forward to embracing every opportunity for learning from the team, and contributing my own perspective."

Niamh and Laura will be working with us on a variety of HR projects over the coming weeks and we look forward to our clients and wider HR community meeting them and joining us in welcoming them into the Second Chapter fold.

If you or your business are looking for any and all forms of HR support, then do get in touch with the team and we will be more than happy to help!

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