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Online Learning.


We are a small business run from Sheffield in sunny South Yorkshire. 

If you know this part of the world, you probably know that it is a place built on pragmatism and no-nonsense. You probably also know that the people who live here are some of the friendliest you could ever wish to meet. 

You will know that it's a place of greenery and education, jostled against factories and terraced houses. You'll know that it's a place of being humble, facing hard knocks and yet having high ideals. 

This walking contradiction explains our approach. We work on the simple principles of being honest, helping people, trying our best and aiming to do good in the world. 

We think that organisations and the people who work for them are on the same side, and we believe that helping them be the best they can be is better for everyone.

Our main areas of expertise are in psychology, learning and development and human resource management and we draw upon these in our multi-disciplinary approach.

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