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Looking to make changes in your organisation and want a smooth transition? Need help planning or communicating your next project? Any organisation needs to move forward and build for the future. Let us guide you in making insightful decisions that galvanise people behind your goals, even in rapidly evolving environments.

With years of experience, Second Chapter have the capabilities and expertise to take your organisation to the next level. We bring expertise in organisational learning strategies, combined with deep understanding of individual development to help shape how you grow your people within a framework that suits your needs.

Business Meeting


On Your Terms

We can supply you with a suite of documentation to support effective HR management in your organisation and ensure you are legally compliant. Whether this be employment contracts, offer letters, handbooks, policies, procedures, or forms for essential HR processes, we can both provide template and bespoke documents.



Grow Your Team

We can offer our expertise to support your resourcing plans by considering your organisation needs and creating effective job descriptions. We can offer a smooth candidate experience working with you or your recruitment partners to screen, shortlist, and ensure only a manageable list of the right candidates are presented for interview. We can also help you use appropriate selection methods to hire the right candidate by advising on interview techniques and guidance on appropriate assessments.

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Helping Incentivise

We can work with you to review current reward structures and help gain understanding of the link between reward and motivated, highly performing, engaged employees. We can help ensure your reward structures align with your business strategies and long-term goals, whether you need to review your employment costs or need to look at ways of motivating your employees through a defined reward scheme.

Couples Therapy


Manage Your Way

Whatever people management matters arise, we can offer our support to help you find a solution. We have extensive experience in managing conduct issues, grievances, performance management issues and all the tricky situations that require robust management to ensure full legal compliance and minimise risk of legal disputes.



Support Your People

Wellbeing is high on the agenda for most employers at the moment due to the global pandemic, so we want to help you support any employees who may be facing health issues and show you how to build resilience within your team. We offer a health and wellbeing service, including wellbeing workshops, on topics such as mental health, mindfulness, and meditation. We also partner with a number of providers who can offer specific workplace health and wellbeing services. 

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Being Present

We are able to offer advice on how to manage all sickness absence or individual complex scenarios to ensure you are supporting your employees in line with legal best practice. Absence management can be a timely process but managed correctly will save you extensive time and money. We also offer a unique Wellness service for employees who are facing ongoing health issues which may be affecting their capability at work.

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Workplace Mediation

Conflict is something we'd like to avoid in the workplace, however inevitably it will happen and often standard processes such as conduct management are not suitable. This is where mediation could help. Mediation encourages meaningful collaboration between parties in order to resolve issues and provide lasting solutions. We can provide employment mediation services to work through any issues, ensuring that disputes that may affect your organisation are addressed.



Managing Change

Effective management and communication of change in an organisation is key to ongoing viability and success. Changes can range from smaller operation amendments to policies or ways of working right through to larger projects such as mergers, acquisitions and TUPE. We are able to offer advice and support with end to end change project planning and delivery,  and HR due diligence in line with legal requirements. It is vitally important that all forms of change management are compliant with the relevant employment law.

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Always Learning

We can support with the training and development of your teams in a number of ways, from supporting you to identify organisational wide learning needs, to working to develop individual or role-based progression objectives.  We can also offer training, both remotely and in person on a number of topics, ranging from workplace communications to HR management techniques.

Staff Meeting


Better Together

We are passionate about employee engagement and it is at the heart of everything we do, as it is critical for driving employee commitment and performance. We offer a number of tools and services designed to measure and promote employee engagement in your organisation, from communication strategies to climate surveys. Get in contact with us to find out more about how we can help you boost engagement in your organisation.

Diverse Group Cheering


Equal But Different

We can support your organisation with implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy, that fits across all your policies and processes. We can work with you to identify areas in which your organisation can benefit by improving equality of opportunity, to improve outreach and engagement in line with your organisation’s social responsibility objectives, and to offer awareness training to your existing workforce or management on matters ranging from hidden disabilities right through to how you can avoid instances of discrimination and harassment. 

Legal Advice


Offering A Fair Deal

We can provide support for your organisation if you want to introduce pay review, job grading and salary benchmarking. We can also support with gender pay gap analysis and action-planning. Our consultants can offer specialist gender diversity advice and can work with you to identify the strategic priorities that will support you in closing the gender pay gap.

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