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My view on HR, and why I love it

By Faye Lewis

Coming from an events management background slowly taught me that I loved two distinct parts of the sector, organisation and people. This realisation led me down the path of Human Resources, an immensely rewarding career where my two passions are at the forefront of my role day in and out.

To me the H is the most important part of HR, people really are a company’s biggest asset and should be supported and treated as such. Everyday I’m provided with the opportunity to make meaningful and lasting relationships, learn new things and solve complex problems that can genuinely impact people’s lives.

I love topics such as employee engagement and enjoy learning about what motivates people whether it’s extrinsic or intrinsic factors, but most of all I love that every day brings a different challenge which means I never stop learning. The sector is forever changing and developing which allows me to explore new avenues to make a difference.

The new technological advancements we’re seeing in the workplace particularly with AI and automation provides the opportunity to spend more time being human and stand out from the crowd. This is a really exciting concept for me as I truly believe that one on one interaction is what creates a positive work environment that helps individuals flourish.

There is no other department in a Company with such a large scope. HR is involved in every aspect of the Company top to bottom and in every function. I get to know everyone personally by meeting them in their interview, doing their inductions, checking in with them, promoting them and helping them when something’s not right.

Machines, products, buildings, and even brands can all be replicated by others – but how you get the best people for your organisation, do best by them and for them, and let them do their best.

Overall I love being able to make a difference and help people grow.

About Faye Lewis

Faye Lewis is HR Business Partner at Second Chapter. With a degree in Events Management and CIPD Level 5 in People Management, she looks to make an informed decision, working hard to achieve the best outcome for all. Her professional passion is providing training and development programmes to share information and learn from others. Outside of work her interests are finding new eateries and walking her Lhasa Apso Basil.

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